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Tourism resources Tourism facilities In Gaborone there are different kinds of facilities which can be considered attractions or pulling factors to a destination. Firstly on the attractions list is malls, sumarjan, et al (2013) implies that malls have lead tourists to select their destination of travel and usually attractiveness of the mall is a big factor to consider, basing on Gaborone malls, there are now ten big malls within this city at convenient locations for public transport and lastly with unique architectural designs, looking at main mall i.e. (town center) according to the BTO site that is Gaborone’s first mall and based on the researchers observation it lacks basic qualities looking at the infrastructure and this may very well be a disadvantage and the market away. Shaw (2004) adds on to state that with malls competitiveness is high and usually influenced by current trends tourist follow and if these trends are not met the mall is likely to fail. The other tourism facilities to brush through is accommodation, according to Raina and Argarwal (2004) accommodation is the first step for gearing up promotion of the…show more content…
Butler (2006) agrees with the statements and add on to say that accessibility is not only about road transport but rather all ways of travel and this brings about change to a destination. Looking at Gaborone city access is all around, there is a train station, a bus station, a taxi rank and an airport. Unfortunately for Botswana it is a land locked country thus depriving sea transport. The condition of these places is at optimum but the bus station and taxi rank are heavily congested with dirt on the environment and fumes in the atmosphere from road unworthy vehicles, this factor extremely hinders tourism as visitors demand sanitary
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