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essay on torong

  • Submitted by: hannah.lucas1
  • on March 29, 2009
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Victor Kellher the author of the novel 'Taronga' demonstrates that for humanity to live in harmony with each other and the environment around you, responsible and caring attitudes and behaviour is necessary. This is displayed through the main characters; Ben and raja’s actions and understandings.
The main message anarchy does not work for a long term future is shown through out Taronga by the thoughts and interactions with other characters. Anarchy causes total chaos and brutality and to have a community working together you need to have love compassion and trust. In the end anarchy does not seem to work as it just results in a battle and every one killing each other off!
Molly’s raiding party reveals the devastation of the community by the killing of the innocent citizens. Molly as the boss sent a group of her workers “to thin them, to cull them out” because she wanted smaller numbers so she could have defeat. But Ben and Ellie know that it is just for her enjoyment. this is a very good example of the destruction of humanity through anarchy.
Taronga is known as “a great big cage”. All he people are told when, how and what to do all of the time. And the animals are all caged up and used against them. They are dehumanised. Their compassion has been taken away from them.
The meaningless torture of the two prisoners shows the ruthless decisions of Molly and \Steve. When they starve the two prisoners almost to death it is an act of selfishness. The unnecessary and unneeded torture is a logical progression with in anarchy. This would never happen in a responcilbe and caring environment.
Raja being imprisoned, being dehumanised “raja rearing back at the sudden appearance of his horribly deformed face”, shows that he is scared of the devastation he did to an innocent person, Chas. He does not enjoy inflicted pain un like Greg and Steve. He still has his sense of compassion and his humanity.
Molly’s ‘doomsday plan’ was the ultimate evidence of anarchy, through...

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