Essay On Theodore Roosevelt's Square Deal

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At the beginning of 20th century, America was abundant with opportunities but also had suffered with internal and external problems. America needed new leaders who can lead with new direction. All the politics were needed to be reformed. This era was the beginning of Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson who are considered as progressive presidents. Each of them had significant legislation passed during each administration. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, proposed the “Square Deal”. Its three basic ideas were control of corporation, consumer protection and conservation of natural resources. It also called as the “three C’s” of Roosevelt’s Square Deal. It was more focused on helping middle class citizens. At that time,…show more content…
Even though there were some trusts which were effective, still there were so many corrupted companies. With his urge, congress established the department of commerce and labor to eliminate monopolies. Roosevelt also encouraged congress to pass the “Hepburn Act” which gave the power to the Interstate Commerce Commission. “… giving the ICC power to examine railroads’ business records and to set reasonable rates, a significant step in the development of federal intervention in the corporate economy” (Liberty, 706). So he could have power to control the railroad business which was one of the biggest industries and corrupted business. He also gave the pressure to congress to make them pass the “Pure Food and Drug Act” and the “Meat Inspection Act”. Because of these Acts, adulteration and mislabeling food, alcohol, and drugs were prevented. People could ensure that the foods and drugs are safe and healthy. This was the second element of “Square Deal”, consumer protection. The last elements of “Square Deal”, conversation of natural resources made businesses to not waste, and be aware that those resources are limited. They were just focused on making money so they did not care about the resources that they use. So Roosevelt had a conversation and made them to help preserve the

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