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The American Dream of Theodore Roosevelt Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live your American Dream? That is something that many people ask themselves everyday. Well, Theodore Roosevelt lived his Dream; he was one of America’s greatest presidents and pursued his wild adventures. He did many things throughout his life and upholds many achievements. Through many adventures from becoming president to hunting big game in the African safari, Theodore Roosevelt lived out all his dreams to the fullest. In fact, Theodore Roosevelt held office, served in the army, and hunted game in Africa and the Amazon River area. He was one of the most adventurous people to ever live and amount to so much. Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty-sixth…show more content…
While campaigning in Milwaukee, he was shot in the chest, but still resumed his speech (White House, 2009). Roosevelt displayed a great amount of courage and determination during that event. In 1898, he organized the Rough Riders; they were much publicized for charging up Kettle Hill in the battle for San Juan, which he led (PBS Interactive, 2001). In the Spanish-American War he served as a lieutenant colonel (White House). Theodore Roosevelt was a very courageous man; he fought in the war, took on presidential office, and hunted in some of the most ferocious land in Africa. In contrast to his adventurous side, he was also very articulate. Roosevelt wrote more than 3 dozens books on topics as different as naval history to African big game (Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, 2010). One of his most famous quotes was, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”(White House, 2009). Also after his presidency, Roosevelt took a yearlong safari in Africa; later he helped map a river in the Amazon (Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, 2010). In conclusion, Theodore Roosevelt is a great example of an American Dream; he lived his life to the fullest and did what he wanted. That is what I think the American Dream is about; doing what you want to become great. I do not think you have to become a big star or be looked upon by others as great. It is something that you earn by making your own way
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