Essay On The Women In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Mary and the women of “The Yellow Wallpaper” are both victims of controlling men and the undermined of women at the time these stories take place. In which in both cases plays a major role in driving these women into insanity. These women both find an escape from reality to some sort of comfort. They both find a way of using these imprisoned situations to create a place of happiness. To others, these actions are looked upon as insanity but in both situations, there are only two ways of escaping their realism; insanity or death. And in both cases these women chose” insanity”. I say “insanity” because to us, the readers, they may appear to be insane but for these women it was their only place of contentment. These women have nothing but the odds of the way society viewed women against them. They are in a period of time where women has very little say in what takes place in their household or even in their town. It is a time where men have total control of their families. Mary for one lived with her father whom had the impression that no man was ever good enough for his daughter. She lives a very sheltered life; therefore, Mary ends up alone and in some ways unaware of how to survive in the real world. With this limited knowledge and experience, after her father…show more content…
Although their situations are totally different, they were both victims of imprisonment of the men in their lives. They have no choice but to be obedient because of the time these stories take place. Even though these men didn’t intentionally drive these women crazy their strict and narrow-minded ways gave these women no choice. The actions of these men were obviously out an unconditional love; they treated these women as prized possessions and felt that their ways were strictly good for these women. Unfortunately, these same loving and overprotected actions lead the women of their lives to

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