Essay On The Simple Gift

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Understanding nourishes belonging and a lack of understanding prevents it. Demonstrate how your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing demonstrates this interpretation of belonging. An individuals understanding of both themselves and the wider world nourishes their sense of belonging within a community, however the converse also applies; as a lack of this understanding can prevent a feeling of belonging. This perspective is supported in Steven Herrick’s free verse novel, “The Simple Gift”, where Billy’s lack of connection to his home in Nowheresville and his resultant alienation is juxtaposed with his acceptance and understanding of his place within his Benderat ‘community’ and his corresponding sense of fulfilment. The film, “August Rush”, directed by Kristen Sheridan, similarly supports this interpretation of the relationship…show more content…
The audience can see Herrick’s portrayal of ‘preconceived notions’ and thus a lack of true understanding, damaging an individual’s sense of belonging, when Billy is criticised by the children on the bus for being a “bum”. The children stereotype him, labelling him part of a marginalised group within our society. This suggests to Billy and the audience that he no longer belongs in normal society, underlining how a distinct lack of understanding, and use ‘stereotypical’ labels has created the notion that the homeless do not belong. This exclusion is again shown later in the novel by Billy, when isolates himself from Caitlyn deliberately, ashamed of his image and clothes, “I wouldn’t want to meet her here not when she’s with her friends and in uniform and me dressed in the same clothes as always” Herrick using the symbolism of his clothes to show Billy’s belief that Caitlyn will not understand his lifestyle, which will in turn further prevent him from belonging within
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