Essay on the Shawshank Redemption and Raw

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Composers such as Frank Darabont and Scott Monk use visual and written language to create characters with whom we, the responders, can identify and relate to. Composers use their character’s choices and decision to articulate the character's personality traits and to simultaneously weave an intricate and engaging plot that can allow responders access into the mind and soul of the central protagonist and the thematic issues they struggle with. Characters become multi – faceted and relatable through what they go though and do in the text. Scott Monk uses the protagonist Brett Dalton in his social realism novel ‘Raw’. The novel follows the journey of a teenage boy and his experiences at The Farm – a detention centre for young males. In the film “The Shawshank Redemption” directed by Frank Darabont, Andy Dufresne is wrongfully convicted of his wife’s murder and sent to Shawshank Prison. There he embarks on an ordeal to survive and rise against prison life. Brett Dalton is a sixteen year old Australian boy from the western suburbs of Sydney. Monk describes him as having short black hair, a firm round jaw and ‘frosty’ blue eyes ‘that leave people cold’. This descriptive language allows the responder to picture what Brett’s physically looks like. Brett is an overall tough guy who is always ready to use his fists to defend himself. The narcissistic-egocentric persona that he has adopted to protect himself prevents him from getting close to people, so he resorts to being an outsider. Brett is a delinquent and rejects any form of authority over him, an example of this is when he is arrested by the police he refers to them as ‘pigs’. The use of this derogatory slang shows that they are inferior to him and that he antagonises them. At the start of the novel “Raw” responders see that Brett Dalton has made a deliberate decision to disregard the law, by breaking into a

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