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Essay on the Moon Mission Hoax

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Pamela Anderson
3th period
Did we land on the moon?
Many people are very interested on the topic of the moon landing subject, best known as the landing Apollo 11 on 1969.   Some people believe it was a total fake, and some others do believe it was one of the most important accomplishments that Americans have made up until now.   These both sides have their own arguments, and both of them are very convincing, but the non- believers for some reason have very foolish arguments that they themselves believe are logic.
President Kennedy was concerned about the U.S falling behind on technology in comparison to the Soviet Union (now Russia).   On May 25th, 1961 he challenged our nation to send a man to the moon before the end of that same decade.   On July 16th, 1969, the Apollo 11 was launched from the Kennedy Space Center.
Years later, in 1999 a Gallop trivia was made along with a trivia from CNN in 1995 that points out that 6% of the population interviewed believed that mankind never made it to the moon.   In fact, this percentage of people is the same one as that of the people who don’t believe in God.   Also, according to these results 6% is the amount of people that answer “No“to any question, which points out that these beliefs is not very extended.
The surprising thing about the arguments that non-believers present is that the so mentioned landing was all a set up trick.   If it had really been a trick made up by cameras and moon photographs, the Russians wouldn’t have complained about them “getting first” to the moon.   The fact about this is that the Russians were the first ones to send a spaceship to the moon.   No men inside.   The Americans in the other hand sent a spaceship with men inside, therefore the Russians wanted the credit for their first landing on 1966, but to do this, they first had to convince everyone that their people had landed first on the moon.
Much people more than the believers actually think that the moon landing was a phony...

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