Essay On The Middle Passage By Olaudah Equiano

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Source F was written by a slave called Olaudah Equiano in 1789. After we were captured we were chained together. We had to walk for many weeks. Then we saw a river so big we could not see the other side. Later on I found out that this was the ocean. We saw a strange ship. We were taken into a large fort (factory). There our skin was rubbed with oil to make it shine. White men came and bought us. We were branded with hot irons that burnt our skin. We were kept in the fort for several weeks more. We were chained and fed only boiled beans. Then the ship arrived to take us away. What was it like on the Middle Passage? The crossing from Africa to the West Indies was called the ‘Middle Passage’. The crossing was the worst part of…show more content…
Granville Sharp Granville Sharp was a very religious man. He was against the slave trade. Sharp lived in London. He was visiting his brother who was a doctor. There he saw a badly injured black man called Jonathan Strong waiting for treatment. Granville Sharp listened to Strong’s story. Strong was a slave belonging to David Lyle. Lyle had brought him from Barbados. Lyle had beaten his slave very badly and left him for dead. Jonathan Strong spent four months in hospital. Granville Sharp paid for it. After that Strong worked at a job for the next two years. One day Lyle saw Jonathan Strong in the street. Lyle wanted him back. After all, Strong was his property! Lyle wanted to sell him for £30. Lyle hired two slave hunters to kidnap Jonathan Strong. They kept him in prison. Strong managed to get a note to Sharp. He asked for his help. Sharp took the case to a law court. The judge decided that Strong had committed no crime. He ordered him to be freed from prison. The judge said Strong was a slave in Barbados but not in Britain. This was the first legal victory against the slave trade. Sadly, Strong died from the after-effects of his wounds five years

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