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The Manhattan Project “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” was what Robert Oppenheimer, one of the makers of the nuclear bomb, said after successfully exploding a bomb (Jinarājadāsa). There are few events that forever change human history such as the invention of fire and the Manhattan Project’s creation is one of these. The Manhattan Project’s atomic bomb was the most influential invention of the 20th century because it forever changed Japan, started a worldwide race for nuclear bombs, and marked the start of a 40 year Cold War with the Soviet Union. There had never been such a powerful weapon that could level cities in seconds and cause such widespread damage over hundreds of miles and it forever altered society. In August…show more content…
China turned communist with help from the USSR and funded North Korea to attack South Korea, so the United States helped South Korea and the Korean War started (Cold War). Neither side gained anything but many died and tensions continually increased. Cuba underwent a revolution and received aid and nuclear bombs from the Soviets which scared America into threatening nuclear war if the USSR didn’t take its nukes back (Cold War). The Soviet Union sent ships to Cuba with nukes and the US blockaded Cuba and said if they crossed into Cuban waters then America’s nuclear arsenal would be launched against the Soviet Union but at the last second they turned around, and this event became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis (Cold War). The extent to which each country would go, also known as brinkmanship, was shown and scared everyone as mutually assured destruction was the policy of both countries. The USA also involved itself in the Vietnam War, which caused large death tolls and massive protests, with a third of Americans believing entering the war was a mistake (Vietnam War). Eventually the Cold War would die down, but not before taking millions of lives and ruining other countries, not just

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