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In the movie The Manchurian Candidate, many aspects relate to history. Some of which are related to the communist threat to the United States. The Americans were paranoid during World War II with the Nazi’s, the Japanese, and the Russians at the end of World War II through the Cold War. The United States abused their power in World War II with the internment camps. The threat of the communist to the United States at the end of World War II with their dealings with what to do with Germany and all the way through the Cold War with the threat a nuclear war. In the movie the communist threat was realized when you saw Senator John interrupting a speech with a statement saying that he had a list that had 207 members of the political party being…show more content…
The Soviet Union was constantly going back and forth with the United States. One minute they were with us and then the next minute they were against us. They were always being confrontational. Truman stated in the Rise to Globalism that “he would not expect 100 percent of what we proposed,” but he did feel that “we should be able to get 85 percent.” Stalin did not want to get in the war with Japan for nothing. Later in the Cold War, the Soviet Union also had nuclear bombs that they could use on the United States. At times the United States was fearful that the Russians would use them against us. Just like with the movie The Manchurian Candidate people were paranoid about whose name was on this so-called list of communist. What they did not know is that Raymond Shaw’s mother herself was in fact a communist. After the bombing on Pearl Harbor, the United States put all of the Japanese-Americans in internment camps just like Hitler put all the Polish Jews in concentration camps. Both the United States and Hitler abused their power because they either feared or hated the other race. The only difference is that Hitler killed 6 million Jews. He also killed blacks, homos, gypsies, and anyone who was not the perfect race. The United States feared the Japanese-Americans. We were afraid that they would try to attack us on our own

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