Essay On The Impact Of Reconstruction On African Americans

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Piero Salas-Allende National History Day Mr. Griffin During the late 1800s, Reconstruction began under President Lincoln. It was a time period after the Civil War that reconstructed the South and its economy, and also helped former African American slaves into society. African Americans had little rights throughout Reconstruction. Even when slavery was abolished by the 13th amendment of the Constitution, they were still treated unequal. On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln freed more than 3.5 million slaves. But, it did not free all slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation did not affect those slaves in states loyal to the Union because Lincoln wanted to keep the alliance between those states. Even though it declared all slaves in the Confederacy free, he could not enforce the act.…show more content…
Did it give them the rights they deserved? Well, Reconstruction definitely rebuilt and reunited the Union with the South. It healed the economy and society of the South. But it did not truly achieve its goal in creating equality for all. There was still racism. During the time, the KKK was formed and many white southerners joined which hurt the black population. Black Codes were formed, which led to Jim Crow laws in the future. Slaves were still considered the lesser race. It was hard for them to blend into society with the white southerners threatening them. In the future, blacks would still be discriminated and racism would endure. There would still be violence and segregation. The government at the time did not do as much as they should have done to help the African Americans. It was mostly the Republicans who wanted to help them. I believe it was their responsibility to ensure all citizens were equal. But even with the amendments and laws in the late 1800s, African Americans still had a tough time to live their lives as a free people in the United
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