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Government Shutdown The United States federal government has shutdown. Oh No! Why has it shutdown? The government's fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. The fiscal year started October 1st and Congress could not decide on a spending deal in time. The two parties: Democrats and Republicans need to stop being so stubborn and agree on a bill that can raise the debt ceiling and resolve a continuing budget solution. The House republicans want a bill that includes anti-Obama care amendments. The Senate democrats want a spending bill that has no amendments attached. Congress has one key duty in the Constitution and that is to pass spending bills that fund the government. If it does not happen, like it did, most functions of the government will halt and many federal employees will be furloughed. The republicans need to stop worrying so much about Obama-care and more about what they are really suppose to be doing. Which is agree on a spending…show more content…
This is great for people in the U.S., for now they are not furloughed anymore. But still would have been nice if they would of agreed on doing this a little bit earlier. President Obama needs to stop being a stubborn little piece of crap and take charge, for once in his life. Many of the 800,00 federal employees who got furloughed, most of them have their jobs back now. Also many businesses, like hotels and museums will be able to make their annual income now, before the holidays; because that is pretty much what they make their living off of. From all the tourist visiting Capitol Hill. "Government shutdown: What you need to know -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Web. . Senate Democrats Have a Plan for Dealing With the Debt Ceiling: Stay on Message -"

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