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Jeannette Walls best selling book, The Glass Castle, is a captivating look at a young child’s view of growing up in the midst of poverty and chaos and surviving years of a nomadic life with her parents and siblings. The book is full of the daunting lives of a dysfunctional family and the years that they endured homelessness, poverty, and hunger. The book takes the reader from Walls young live of three years of age to a young adult who flees to New York City to start her “life” as a productive human being. Each chapter is full of hope and sadness but also of the humorous ways that Walls looked at her life and the unconditional love that she had for her parents. Jeannette Walls was a gossip columnist and writer for MSNBC and is currently living in Virginia with her husband. Walls spent years digging up the secrets of Hollywood glamour but managed to keep her own childhood a dark secret. “The Glass Castle” is a book full of emotion and sometimes dramatic accounts of neglect but gives the reader a face to the problems of homelessness and the feelings of powerlessness experienced through the eyes of a child. “The Glass Castle” journey is filled with Jeannette Walls family and their unique characteristics. Her parents are simple, free-spirited, and neglectful. Mr. Wall has big dreams and lets these…show more content…
She instilled in her children to be independent even at an early age and to not be bothered by their obvious pitiful life that they were living. “The Glass Castle” begins with three year old Walls cooking hotdogs and catching her dress on fire. After spending six weeks in the hospital for skin grafts from the burns, Walls returned home and again was cooking hotdogs. Her mother’s reply was “Good for you. You’ve got to get right back in the saddle. You can’t live in fear of something as basic as fire.” (page

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