Essay On The Conch In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies Essay 8th Grade What would you do if you and some friends were stranded on an unknown island, like the boys in the novel? Would you be able to find shelter and food so you could survive? The boys in Golding’s novel find themselves stranded on a strange island. Golding used symbolism to help the reader understand his book. In Lord of the Flies, there were three things that represented civilization: the conch, Piggy’s glasses and the fire which helped them to get rescued. Golding used the conch as a symbol of power. For example, the conch was used to call the boys to meetings. As Ralph yelled, “I’ll blow the conch, and call an assembly” (151). This shows that, Ralph takes the conch seriously, and the conch is a big deal to him. The conch is the only thing that they have to call the boys together in a whole. In addition, during the meeting whoever held the conch had the right to speak. This shows that, they have rules and the boys are all organized. Also, the conch, keeps them from doing crazy things, and also keeps them civilized. Golding’s novel uses the symbol of the conch to show how the boys used it as a power on the island, and in a larger sense, the power that adults in a civilized world have over those in their charge. Piggy’s glasses represented truth and thinking clearly.…show more content…
He looked about him. “We can build it just here between the bathing pool and his platform. Of course--.” (129) This shows that, the boys built the fire on top of a hill in hopes that ships would see the smoke from their signal fire. Ralph was a good leader and thinking of the time when they could be rescued. In addition, at the end of the novel Jack uses fire to try to kill Ralph. Jack has turned violent. Jack thinks he will be the leader in the end. However, the fire was the very thing that caused the boys to be rescued and neither Ralph nor Jack turned out to be the
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