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The Black Plague The Black Plague, also known as the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague, was a devastating time for Europe. It was so bad that people were unable to have proper funerals for their dead loved ones. There had to be mass burials and cremations of the bodies. The Black Plague was caused by a horrible bacteria that killed millions of people and caused a large economic collapse as it spread quickly throughout Europe, and while it may not be extremely common today it is still very much in existence. The Black Plague was caused by a bacteria, Yersinia pestis. It is an intracellular pathogen and lives in the intestines of its host. It causes disease in animals, such as rodents, as well as insects and of course, humans. The primary carrier of this bacteria is the Oriental Rat Flea, which is from China. (“Yersinia pestis”). Yersinia pestis is an organism that rapidly changes and it’s genetic structure is similar to the bacterium that causes leprosy. It evolved from a less vicious bacterium, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, that also lived in the intestines of its host (“Decoding the Black Death”). This bacteria was…show more content…
Nowadays, there is a vaccine for the Black Plague but its takes awhile for it to become fully effective. There are drugs like antibiotics and sulphonamides that are used to treat it as well (“The Modern Day Black Death...”). Most people who contract the disease survive if they are given the right antibiotics in time. Good sanitation and cleanliness is a good way to prevent the bacteria from growing (“Plague”). During the time of the Plague, there was no medicine that could cure or help alleviate the disease. There was either no known treatment, or the doctors were not capable to administer the right remedy to the patient (Eyewitness to History). Thankfully, science has evolved extremely and now there is a chance for Yersinia pestis to become

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