Essay On The Articles Of Confederation

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In 1777, The Articles of Confederation served as the first formal constitution during the infancy of the United States. Though it originally seemed like a brilliant idea, the Articles barely held the newly formed states together during the American Revolution. There were good and bad events resulting from the formation of the Articles. Failures often outweighed successful outcomes, especially in areas such as foreign affairs and the economy. The second continental congress appointed the writing of the Articles of Confederation in hope to create a constitution that would form a strong base to build the country from. Though this plan didn’t turn out as efficient as hoped, it did prove to the other countries of the world that the United States were capable of handling themselves and did not need Britain to survive. The peaceful collaboration of the states to form a country was the first success of the Articles. The next most important success the Articles resulted in was the formation of Land Laws. Under the Land Ordinance of 1785, land in the Old Northwest was to be sold. As a result, this income was to be used to help pay off national debts. The Northwest Ordinance followed in 1787 and allowed this land to be formed into states once a population of 60,000 inhabited the area.…show more content…
Under the Articles, Congress was purposely not given much power in hope that state governments would take charge of commerce and taxing. Meanwhile, the American economy was crumbling under the lack of authority. States began making laws contradicting the federal laws, causing even more chaos. Since a taxing system was not set up in order to keep the colonists happy after the taxing escapade with the British, money was requested in the form of donations to pay off debts of the national government. Consequently, this system prevented income for the American
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