Essay On Texas Legislature

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The Texas legislature is the only legislature in the ten most populous states to meet only every two years for 140 days session. (Texas Politics Today 2011,2012 edition) I think 140 days sessions every two years are too short for the legislature in Texas to meet. To me it’s a small amount of time to discuss the states business, putting into consideration the diversity of the population and the economy of Texas. We should consider using another system not only because it’s a small amount of time but also most important bills are never granted a legislative hearing. (Texas Politics Today 2011,2012 edition) Most bills don’t get really look at with the short amount of time they have in the session and the bills are either passes or killed with…show more content…
The special session the governor of Texas calls for doesn’t seem to be very popular with the general public and the legislators. The general public views their $1.2 million price tag as wasteful and legislators are put out by being called away from their homes, families, and primary occupations puts out legislators. (Texas Politics Today 2011,2012 edition) Also because of the legislative work is done during the regular session, legislators find it difficult to maintain even rudimentary knowledge of the content of much of the legislation that must be considered whether in committee or on the floor. (Texas Politics Today 2011,2012 edition) This shows the lack of knowledge some legislators may have about what’s being talked about and the inadequate staff support. I’m all for a new legislative system simply because the government needs more time to talk about all the business and economic issues of the state in order to be a successful state. These limited biennial sessions tend to work against the public interest (Texas Politics Today 2011,2012 edition), when instead these sessions should be helping the general
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