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Texas A&M-Commerce vs. Texas Woman’s University As a senior in high school I have had to make some major life decisions. Most of them involve a ton of stress. I have to constantly ask myself questions as to whether it’s truly what I want in my life. One of these major choices I must make for my future is the college that I want to attend. Money, location, majors offered, housing, size, and visual appeal all contribute to the options I have. Although I applied and was accepted to several colleges including University of North Texas and Abilene Christian University, I narrowed my choices to Texas A&M-Commerce and Texas Woman’s University. Money is one of the main factors in deciding which college I plan to go to. My family struggles with finances while both my parents work full time jobs. Recently our budget has been cut even more due to my parents getting a divorce. Money is not something that we can just easily hand over. That’s why I depend mostly on various types of financial aid including scholarships and grants. At Texas A&M-Commerce, for 15 hours of classes, it is about $15,353. At Texas Woman’s University it is $18,330. This…show more content…
Housing is honestly quite important. No one wants to end up in a dorm with someone they can’t get along with or live in a creepy housing area. If I were to choose Texas A&M-Commerce, I wouldn’t live in student housing. I would either commute from home or spend the majority of my time at my grandmothers. This would even help with the money situation. On the other hand, Texas Woman’s University requires all students with 60 hours of credit or less to live on campus. This would mean that I would have to live in a dorm with a roommate that I would have to learn to get along with. It seems like a great experience, yet I am not the most outgoing person so it would take time to get used to it. Being a shy person, close to my family, and having money issues, Texas A&M-Commerce seems like the better

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