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Abby Engerson English 102 6 June 2011 Peace Sign Tattoo The largest organ in the complex human body is the skin. Today, decorating ones body with a tattoo can be a form of self-expression, a rebellious tendency or a permanent reminder of a lost loved one. Some people consider tattooing a form of art, while others consider inking one’s body to appear “trashy.” Nevertheless, a tattoos true origin, symbolism, variety, and modern day versions go more then just skin deep. A neon sign flashing from a decrepit shop reading Tattoos and Body Piercings draws the eyes of onlookers to glance, regardless if they care to have a needle penetrate their skin. Pain is a fascinating subject for the mind to grasp even if for a brief moment causes a reaction within. Taking control of one's body is a major draw to the art of tattooing. When everything else was already used up, tattooing became the answer and thus entered popular culture. In a world of chaos and turmoil does it not make sense that one would want to take control in an easily attainable and reliable way? The tattoo will never fade away (without taking extensive and painful measures to remove it) which intrigues some people and scares many; it will not change unlike the world. If a person can choose to wear an accessory on their body that will not go away then they feel a sense of power: the power to control oneself in a healthy yet rebellious way. This feeling is obtained from the fact that one is willing, and is in control of the needle and each individual marking. The price of pain is a choice; a sense of freedom or even liberation for one receiving a tattoo in today’s world. Each symbol, quote and picture bestows deep meaning inside an individual. Native Americans tattooed themselves to mark Spiritual significance or to identify which tribe they belonged. The flow of shapes became more than a sense of

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