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Tasers: Law Enforcement Control Device or Dangerous Weapon? September 14, 2007 a man was tasered in Utah for not signing a traffic ticket. The man was named Jared Massey and he was pulled over for speeding by Utah State Trooper John Gardner. Massey refused to sign his speeding ticket and was asked to get out of the car. He was then told to turn around and put his hands behind his head. He did not comply and Trooper Gardner’s first reaction was to deploy his taser and continue to taser Massey. His pregnant wife and son were in the car. September 17, 2007 a twenty-one year old Florida college student is tasered for starting a debate at a John Kerry forum. At the end of Kerry’s speech, Andrew Meyer asked the senator a few questions that stirred up quite a debate. Campus police officers responded by pulling him offstage and then forcing him to…show more content…
It can be used far away(up to 26 feet), in which case two barbed fish hooks shoot out from the taser and embed themselves into the person’s skin, shocking them with fifty thousand volts. They can also be used up close by being pressed to the victim’s body. The subject’s central nervous system is incapacitated and their muscles contract painfully. This temporarily paralyzes the subject. If the person was standing, they would fall to the ground. In some cases, the jolt of this causes the victim to lose bladder or bowel control. Being tasered is extremely painful but also very brief and leaves nearly no evidence. Tasers have been around for over thirty years and were built for military but are becoming more and more popular in law enforcement. Law enforcement started using tasers in 1998 ( Out of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies, over 11,000 are issued to carry tasers. Tasers were introduced to law enforcement as a less than lethal weapon. Before the tasers were given to police officers, they used batons, dogs, or pepper and other chemical

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