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The Symbolism in “The Yellow Wallpaper” Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” was written over 100 years ago. The majority of the symbolisms in this story are associated with the oppression women faced from the male dominated society during the 1800s. (Wolfe) Even though this story was written many years ago, sadly, there are still numerous women who are currently facing these issues. Years ago if women experienced “nervous” disorders, they were restricted from many activities. This practice was known as the “rest cure.”(Gilman, p484) If one were to examine the symptoms leading to the “rest cure”, and the restrictions forced on the narrator of this story, one might determine that the same outcome has the potential of happening…show more content…
A reader might analyze this action to be symbolic of this character trying to regain any sanity she had left. John returned home and broke the bedroom door down. When John entered the room, he discovered the disheveled room and spotted his wife crawling on the floor. She looked him in his eyes and said, “I’ve got out at last…you can’t put me back”. John fainted. (Gilman, p497) As John lay there, she crawled over him. This could represent that John was still in his wife’s path. (Gilman, p497) It is interesting the phrase hysteria was used to describe symptoms that were primarily prevalent to women. However, in the conclusion of The Yellow Wallpaper, John fainted. The main character in this story experienced a great deal of pressure. A reader could possibly describe John’s final action to be symbolic indicating that even men experience weakness and hysteria. In the end, the story had several symbolic inclinations. However, when reviewing the symptoms leading to the “rest cure” and the restrictions implemented, one might conclude that whoever was put into this type of atmosphere, might find their sanity pushed to the limit

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