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Chamar Little Anne K. McCarthy English 1050-05 October 20, 2014 Stereotypes in America There are many issues that are going on in the US, one of those issues are stereotypes. This has been going on for years now, and people everywhere were victims of different stereotypes. These three stereotypes should be criticized because they discriminate against people: All Muslims are terrorists, all black people are from Africa, and teenage girls are more mature than teenage boys. One stereotype that is still around is how other races think just because they black, it automatically means they are from Africa. This is more races than a stereotype because something like this goes back a hundred years where there was slavery in the US. It can have…show more content…
The people I know do not agree with this stereotype since they met and knew people who are Muslims but they are not terrorists; it is just how Muslims wear clothes and where they are from. This stereotype do not affect me on how I deal with other people and their religion because I do not believe in something like judging people and I never will. Today this stereotype is not bad anymore, but it is still a fact. Teenage girls are more mature than teenage boys because some of the males do not act their age, they still act like they are kids. Teenage boys do not act like they are their age since they still do immature/childish acts which is why teenage boys be putting themselves in tough predicaments that they can not get out of. This affects my gender because I barely see any guys act like they want to be adults or want to be grown up, they just want to act like they are little kids. All these stereotypes will always remain in this modern day world since people do not want to be adults and stop with all these problems. Everybody can stop with these stereotypes but they choose not to since they think they can say whatever they want and think they can get away with it. It is not that hard to something as simple as respect people that you come around and be

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