Essay On Stand Your Ground

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Stand Your Ground Are Stand Your Ground Laws in Florida and many other states just and fair? Are they constructive or damaging towards justice? Many people are pushing to get rid of this law because they think that it provides criminals a loophole. A law is “a binding custom or practice of a community, a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority.” (“law”) In other words the purpose of a law is to protect a person from outside aggression or harm, establish rules needed for society to live and work together, to ensure justice is being served, and to maintain social order. When a law is being made, it is for the better well being of society as a whole and not each individual…show more content…
One way it needs to be changed is that the initial attackers need to have been armed and dangerous in order for a person to use deadly force against them. There were over 135 cases last year that involved an unarmed person being shot or attacked by someone who said they felt threatened, one of those cases being the Trayvon Martin case. (Hundley) These in most circumstances are the unfortunate cases where the person that gets shot is actually the victim and the person who is stating they used “self-defense” is actually the one at fault. This needs to change along with the amount of investigation that goes in to cases where the Stand Your Ground Law is being used. Whenever this law is being used as a defense there should be an extensive investigation into the case in order to root out if it was really self defense or not. This would eliminate cases like the Martin case, where the accused “attackers” were actually the real victims. Nothing is more valuable than human life. Citizens must be able to protect themselves without fear that self-defense will be legally problematic. The Stand Your Ground Law allows for this. It also however, at this point, allows too much leniency on those who use it as their defense. The law needs to be changed not abolished, like so many are pushing
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