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Wave is the one of important thing that needed to objects but based on the researchers before by their observation in basic acoustic levitator has two main parts ; transducer, which is a vibrating surface that makes sound, and a reflector. Often, the transducer and reflector have concave surfaces to help focus the sound. A sound wave travels away from the transducer and bounces off the reflector. Three basic properties of this traveling, reflecting wave help it to suspend objects in midair. First, the wave, like all sound, is a longitudinal pressure wave. In a longitudinal wave, movement of the points in the wave is parallel to the direction the wave travels. It is the kind of motion if it pushed and pulled one end of a stretched Slinky. Most illustrations, though, depict sound as a transverse wave, which is what would see if it rapidly moved one end of the Slinky up and down. This is simply because transverse waves are easier to visualize than longitudinal waves. Furthermore, acoustic levitation is usually accomplished with a pair of ultrasound emitter arrays, or with one…show more content…
For example, a standing wave in an air duct can cause dust to collect in a pattern corresponding to the wave's nodes. A standing wave reverberating through a room can cause objects in its path to vibrate. Low-frequency standing waves can also cause people to feel nervous or disoriented -- in some cases, researchers find them in buildings people report to be haunted.But these feats are small potatoes compared to acoustic levitation. It takes far less effort to influence where dust settles or to shatter a glass than it takes to lift objects from the ground. Ordinary sound waves are limited by their linear nature. Increasing the amplitude of the wave causes the sound to be louder, but it does not affect the shape of the wave form or cause it to be much more physically

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