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Essay on ”Son of Satan”. Living as an eleven year old boy is a tough job, and finding your spot in the hierarchy can be even harder. Finding the right friends, wearing the right clothes, doing the right things in order to find your own, and others, limits is everyday life for a young boy. But in search of acceptance a young boy might often find himself in situations he simply cannot handle. He might say things that hurt people, or do things he normally wouldn’t do. This is the exact issue described in the short-story “Son of Satan”. We are introduced to three insecure young boys in search of their own limits, and in desperation of finding them, they agree to start bullying the “village idiot”, Simpson, another young boy who make claims of sexual activities, in order to impress, and make friends. In desperation to find themselves, they end up hanging Simpson in the narrators backyard, and leave him. But when the narrator gets back, Simpson is gone, and his farther confronts him with a beating. The story starts off with three kids sitting in the backyard of the narrator’s house, smoking cigarettes. The narrator takes the role of “the young leader”, as he is only 11 years old and the two other boys are twelve. Because of this difference in age, he feels a need to impress the older boys, and therefore he cannot show any mercy. “I felt like letting him go. Maybe he hadn't fucked anybody. Maybe he had just been day dreaming. But I was the young leader. I couldn't show any sympathy.” He feels like he is the glue that keeps the three kids together, and if he shows any kind of weakness, the group would lose its strength and they would be alone again. The three kids are in a very difficult point in their lives. They are sailing on a sea of changes as they are going through the first stages of puberty. So to speak; they are weak when they are separate, so

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