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Soil borne diseases are found to be very severe in intensive systems due to frequent cropping. Hence, destruction of the inoculum surviving between crops is beneficial. In the management of soil borne diseases, cultural practices plays very important role. Soil borne diseases plays very critical role in reducing the productivity of new cultivars in some agricultural crops. These diseases are difficult to manage due to their highly heterogeneous incidence and lack of information regarding the epidemiological aspects of these pathogens. Only through study on survival, dissemination of soil borne pathogens, its effective management is possible. Effect of climatic conditions with role of cultural practices and host resistance-susceptibility will play a major role in management of disease.…show more content…
Introduction: Soil inhabiting microbes play chief role in damaging juvenile plants under nursery. Pre-emergence or post-emergence nature of damage may leads to complete damage. However, many serious diseases are associated with soil-borne plant pathogens, which results in damping off, root rot, crown rot and wilts in various field and horticultural crops especially in nursery stage. Soil borne diseases are a common problem in nursery production which leads to sustainable economic loss by attacking the juvenile plants at early stage of life. Practical application of this knowledge will lead to healthier plants and improved plant growth with greater uniformity. It also helps to minimize biosecurity risks. Several serious soil borne plant pathogens are being spread around the world with nursery plants. Many tropical soils harbor numerous soil borne pathogens for several years which often limit crop production. These pathogens includes various fungal, bacterial and some

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