Essay on Social Work Ethics

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For a society, however wealthy, to survive without coercion there must be social justice. The spirit of nationhood is weakened when citizens do not perceive that there is equity, justice and opportunity for all Discrimination is defined as the differential treatment of individuals considered to belong to a particular social group (R.M. Williams, 1947). To treat a member of a subordinate group as inferior is to discriminate against that person. Member of the dominant group tend to use one standard of behavior among themselves and a different standing for any member of a subordinate group. Discrimination is overt behavior, to justify and explain that behavior to themselves, citizens and governments tend to rationalize or justify it on the grounds that those against whom they are discriminating are intrinsically less worthy of respect and fair treatment (e.g. Slavery and the Holocaust). While discrimination on the level experienced by the two examples cited above no longer exist in Barbados, there is still a level of percipience exhibited towards persons with HIV and AIDS, persons with disabilities, persons released from prison, persons with mental health issues, the aged and Caribbean Nationals especially persons of Guyanese nationality. This essay will trace acts of discrimination imposed on Guyanese in Barbados, and identify how sanctions imposed by the Barbados Government discriminate against persons who may not have regularize their status, but who have made and continue to make a significant contribution to the Barbadian economic and social landscape. The movement of people across and within national boundaries remains an Integral part of human existence. Whatever the pursuits, migration entails distinct, though complex, consequences for countries both of origin and destination and for the people involved in the process. Barbados is one of six CARICOM
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