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SOFT INFRASTRUCTURE and HARD INFRASTRUCTURE The smart city vision involves hard infrastructure—viz. introducing smart grids along with various types of renewable energy generation and creating new systems of mobility that is based on distributed networks—but is mainly articulated through ‘soft infrastructure’ i.e. social networking and communities, legal systems and cultural systems, and various systems of ICT. This speedy facet is perhaps more widespread and appealing for cities, which offers a way to quickly fit existing buildings and infrastructure with smart elements at cheaper cost, while planning carefully for the longer-term paradigm shift to heavier forms of smart infrastructure. Similarly, the output of this thinking, through the emerging medium of urban information system, can often be interactive, informative, even attractive, realised in the form of increasingly distinguished audio-visual displays and interfaces, websites,installations and systems, all determined via these real-time learning layers overlaid onto the pre-existing city. This has theprobable result of ‘making the invisible visible’ thus it raises awareness about urban infrastructure, activity and ecosystem. Urban infrastructure now…show more content…
The smart grid carries electricity to end consumers using two-way digital technology that enables the more effective management of consumers’ end users of electricity as well as the more proficient use of the grid to find and correct supply demand-imbalances instantaneously and perceive faults in a “self-healing” progression that improves service quality, augments reliability, and reduces on costs. Thus, the smart grid is not confined to efficacies only; it involves every and every stage of the electricity cycle, from the inception of utility through electricity markets to end customers’

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