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Investigation and response short story essay A short story is one which comments on society via themes issues ideas values and attitudes. The test by angelica Gibbs is a common representation of society around the 1930’s and imparticular the prejudice society of America. It focuses on the ideas of racism and how it affects the flow of society and how the story reinforces popular representations of race. In comparison I have chosen an image that is from today’s era and still has that common idea of race as a dividing factor in society and one from the 1950’s still highlighting the gap between races. Therefore reinforcing the popular representations of society. The test by angelica Gibbs was written around the 1930’s in America, the main objective of the story was to depict the life of an African American during the times of hard struggle in society. Gibbs used the characters to reinforce the popular representations or stereotypes of society and imparticular the black v white society. During these times America was moving out of the era known as the slave times where a white man could buy a black slave for less then a dog, African Americans were starting to gain rights in society through the help of spokesmen like martin Luther king. However America was still moving slow and a racist society was still in power. In the test an African American woman “Marian” is attempting her practical driving test for the second time however comes into conflict with the instructor. The instructor highlights the prejudice attitude that society has against African Americans, Gibbs has shown this by not giving him a name and there for he is not representing one view but the view of the general public. He pre judges her “old enough to have quite a flock of pikannines” assumes she is from the Deep South and can’t read, he laughs when told that she has a degree. Through

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