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PROBATION Probation Shock probation is the policy by which a judge orders a convicted offender to prison for a short time then suspends the remainder of the sentence in favor of probation ("Shock probation," 2012). Shock probation is probation which is offered after a prisoner has served three to six months of a sentence. Shock probation is believed to reduce recidivism rates because it arranges for a prisoner release while a prisoner is still in shock from immersion into the penal system, in contrast with a prisoner who is released after several years. In shock probation, someone is sentenced to prison and starts serving the sentence. Shock probation is usually considered when a prisoner is a first time offender and a judge believes, given the circumstances of the case,…show more content…
If a prisoner is potentially eligible for shock probation under the law, his or her lawyer will discuss the matter and provide more information about how the terms of the probation will work and whether or not the judge is…show more content…
The primary function of the ISP is to provide intense supervision of offenders under conditions established by the Juvenile Court. The ISP probation officers supervise a specialized caseload and work with the most serious violent offenders and chronic non-violent offenders. The Adult Intensive Probation Supervision Program is a sentencing alternative for offenders who would otherwise have been incarcerated in the State Department of Corrections at initial sentencing or as a result of a technical violation of standard probation. Intensive Probation Supervision (IPS) is designed to provide strict control, surveillance, and supervision in a manner which will restrict and monitor the offender's movement and activities in the community while emphasizing the payment of restitution to victims (Arizona,

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