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Shear Madness Play Review The play that I attended was called Shear Madness a great production that took place at the Charles Playhouse in the city of Boston. The message that was being displayed was confronted in a humorous manner throughout the entire play. The comedy takes place in the “Shear Madness” hairstyling salon and during the time in the salon there is a murder that takes place and the audience is here to discover the clues, question all the suspects, and solve the crime. I loved that the audience was able to contribute to the play, rather than simply sit in the audience and watch silently. Shear madness always ends with a different outcome, which is why the play is such a hit and people actually go multiple times because of…show more content…
Another character in the play is a very flamboyant hairdresser and his flirty and very ditsy assistant. Also there is a very proper older lady and an older man who is a “used antique dealer”. The play was split into two acts with a 15-minute intermission. The first act is the act in which the murder occurs, and the second act consists of an investigation into the crime and a solution to the mystery. I found it hilarious when an audience member asked the female hairdresser where she bought her hair scissors and the actress replies with at K-Mart, just like where the woman in the audience bought her scarf. When the old woman was murdered with hair cutting scissors everyone was in complete shock and eagerly wanted to find out who did it. They incorporated the Kardashians to poke fun at how they do nothing and still make ridiculous money. The design element of the play was very loud and gaudy. The set was suppose to look as if it was back in the 60’s but they also make use of modern clothing. At one point, Tony the hairdresser was wearing a Patriots Tom Brady Jersey to incorporate current events. They used lighting very well and always had a spot light on the actor who was speaking. They used disco type of lights to enhance the effects and mood, and there was always fun music
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