Essay On Sexual Coercion In Prison

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Sexual coercion is expressed in many forms such as being harmless or violent. Having sexual coercion in the prisons is a problem. No one really knows how far sexual assault is taken in the prison facility. Some inmates live in fear of telling someone they have been assaulted. They don’t want to become known as the “snitch”. In recent studies, it has been found out that in the United States prisons alone, an estimated 364,000 males and female inmates were sexually assaulted in one year. Any young inmates that are physically small or weak, have a mental illness, are known as the “snitches”, are not in a gang, or convicted of any sexual crimes are at a higher risk of being the victim of sexual assault. Inmate suicide has been going on for years and is a problem that has not decreased. Newly arrested people who have been taken to a local jail…show more content…
“An estimated 22 percent of male blacks ages 35 to 44 have confined in federal or state prison, compared to 10 percent of male Hispanics and 3.5 percent of male whites (Peak, 2007).” According to a certain research, racism comes out at certain points of the justice system, but discrimination does not exist. The majority of minorities are all linked to some part in crime, whether in poverty, drugs, or the influences they were around. The high numbers of minorities always cause trouble for the administrators. Correctional officers go through tough problems and have certain needs in order to get their job done. Drug use in prison is one of the main problems they face. They not only try to catch inmates with drugs, but also decide on whether and inmate really needs them for a certain illness they may have. Another problem correctional officers have is trying to find skilled help actually willing to work with the inmates. Finding staff to do this kind of job is hard work and time consuming, but once the job is complete, it is all worth it in the

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