Essay On Sex Offenders Monitoring

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Sex Offenders Should Be Monitored Thousands of people are sexually abused every year, but “fewer than five percent of sex offenders are ever apprehended” (Salter2). Contrary to popular belief, sexual offenders are highly intelligent. Many have been known to premeditate and to use deceptive techniques to get what they want. So, how is anyone supposed to really know if sex offenders are civil enough to be in society with no supervision? Sexual offenders should be monitored for the rest of their lives because statistics show that they are likely to repeat their first offense, to ensure the safety of society, and there are alternative treatments. Throughout our nation, the percent of repeating sex offenders is greatly increasing. By now we are numb to the folly of a system that keeps putting dangerous sexual offenders back on the streets. After being let go five times by the state of California, Warren Bland, a notorious sexual predator was finally convicted and put on death row for the mutilation and murder of a little girl (Breig168). Richard Allen Davis, according to Tucker Carlson has “a monstrous personality (168)” and was apprehended for killing Polly Klass after being released multiple times. In both of these cases, and in many others, authorities were warned early that they were dealing with very dangerous predators. The “revolving door (Breig168)” is so quick that police know to question freshly paroled convicts once a new rape case occurs (Breig168). The social cost of letting career predators go every year is enormous. According to a recent study,…show more content…
For the prevention of repetitiveness, the safety of society, and the use of other treatments, sexual predators need to be monitored for the rest of their lives. Sex offenders need guidance. They are
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