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Sebastian Junger who has worked as a contributing editor for Vanity Fair also wrote the book The Perfect Storm. His book was later turned into a movie that showcased the real life and death of fishing out at sea. Junger moved from The Perfect Storm to living in the war zones in Afghanistan. He lived in a remote area that lacked running water, hot food, no way to use the telephone or internet. He lived side by side with soldiers on and off for five months during 2007 and 2008 while he reported from different bases. He had close personal experience with a bomb that shredded the Humvee he was in. In his book War he discusses events that went on during his time in Afghanistan. War resulted in taking five trips to the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan for Vanity Fair magazine. He was described as a man who became fixed into the environment and was entirely dependent on the United States for survival. He never was told to change his reporting or to divulge what he written or videotaped. Using the video tapes that he took he was able to check his stories for accuracy. (Junger, p. XI). Junger, who spent time embedded with the Second Platoon of the Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, talks about war being two things one a constant adrenaline high, and the other an unimaginable sense of bonding/brotherhood among fellow soldiers in combat. The Korengal Valley was a ridge of the Kunar Province, and it was located about twenty-five miles from the border of Pakistan. United States military as well as Junger was assigned here for the purpose of intercepting Taliban fighters. In the first book that Junger titled Fear he talks about, “how shocking it feels when someone wants you dead,” (Junger, 2010, p.28). As the platoon reaches a wall that they use for cover Junger continues to videotape. Every now and then he decides to try and, “stand

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