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Essay On Rudeness

  • Submitted by: nighjsuoc64
  • on November 11, 2009
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Essay on Rudeness
Rude Behavior is something I have encountered in many different scenarios. It is truly amazing how people display rude behavior in everyday life. For example while driving, at school and even at public transport places rude behavior is evident.
My first example is on the road. In the morning while driving to work like everyone else, I have to endure traffic for at least an hour. However my patience drops when I observe non law abiding citizens driving on the shoulder in an attempt to avoid traffic. What makes it worse is when the police show up on the shoulder – these drivers go out of their way to try to maneuver back onto the highway using fast and furious techniques. The end result is an accident or someone cursing voraciously at you because you didn’t allow them to squeeze back onto the highway.
A second place I have observed rudeness is at Monroe College. Once when I visited the learning center at the college, new dorm students were being registered. There was no sign indicating that students could not use the computers and a fellow student who works at the college loudly and rudely raised his voice at me said :” Students can’t use the computers today BOY !”.
Finally the last place I have observed rudeness was at grand central station I saw an elderly woman who was frail and using the railings on the stairs to assist herself going up to Vanderbilt avenue .She was yelled at by a young man hustling down the same side she was going up. She clearly was too old and feeble to move aside or even keep up with the rush and the young man impatient and full of pride looked at her and screamed “Use the other side Granny!.”.
Rudeness has reared its ugly head in all aspects of our civilized society .While we cannot avoid it, the best thing to do is try and ignore it .This way we would be able to carry on with our lives stress free.

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