Essay On Ronald Reagan's Deregulation Policy

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Ronald Reagan's policies of deregulation and "Less government in business, more business in government" has had an impact: · Government "regulators" are those individuals or departments accountable for protecting workers, consumers, and the environment. A description of a few of their responsibilities: o To make sure our food is safe, free of diseases, poisons, etc. o To make sure workers are assured a safe work environment, that they are treated fairly, and paid appropriately. o To monitor the sea, land, and air for pollution, and to make sure corporations follow the laws regarding environmental protections. o To monitor the development, testing, and application of pharmaceuticals and over the counter drugs to make sure that they are…show more content…
Translation: NO CONSUMER OVERSIGHT OR PROTECTION. · The result of the Republican deregulation policies from Reagan until now: o Little or no oversight over industry remaining in the U.S., which has meant: § Deadly food poisonings, the spread of diseases in domestic foods § Record numbers of train derailments (the Federal RR Administration, with GWB's help and blessing, has done away with most of its rail safety rules) § Deadly mining accidents and the repeal or erosion of safety laws for the mining industries § Little to no enforcement of the Environmental Protection laws, leading to record numbers of communities with undrinkable tap water, no control of destructive strip mining operations, corporate maneuvering around laws regarding clear cutting of old growth-forests around the world. (Arguably, also contributing to the whole "global warming"

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