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| | Essay on road safety Road safety refers to methods and measures that are issued to reduce risks of injury, death and harm to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Everyday many people are involved in road accidents. Some are killed. Many more are injured or maimed. So it is important for us to learn to use the roads properly and safely. No sane person would like to be involved in an accident. There are many factors responsible for accidents such as : 1. Inefficient driver: The drivers may not be qualified and may not be aware of road safety rules. 2. Ill maintained vehicle: The vehicle may be old, worned out and not maintained properly. 3. Lack of attention on the road: The driver might not pay fully alert or thinking about their family or work. They also might be speeding because they are in a hurry. 4. Weather: If it is a rainy day, the eyesight of the driver is more limited and unconsciously they might accidently hit us . 5. Over burdened Vehicle: Nowadays, we can see a few lorry and trailers to bring a large amount of load or goods in order to save energy, time and money without thinking about safety. This may cause danger to themselves and to other road users. 6. Over burdened Road: There may be number of vehicles and carriages and the roads are too narrow for heavy traffic. 7. Reckless driving: Over-taking at the bend is very dangerous because the driver comes from the other side cannot see the car that is heading towards them and the vehicle may collide into each other. 8. Use of electronic gadgets: While driving or riding the drivers are using cell phone and playing loud music while driving, which may be avoided. 9. Driving when you are sleepy: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,or even overnight driving without sufficient sleep causes many accidents. 10. Careless passerby: The

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