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Reggie White Reggie White is known as the Minister of Defense. He is arguable the best defensive lineman who ever played the game of football. But he is more than just a football player; he is an author, an ordained minister and co-founder of Urban Hope Ministries. I chose Reggie White as my “Christian Hero” because of the way he conducted himself on and off the field. Reggie White was born on December 19, 1961 in Chattanooga Tennessee, where he was raised by his mother and grandparents who were deeply religious. His mother, Thelma Collier, told Sports Illustrated that when he was 12 years old he announced that he wanted to be two things: a football player and a minister. Reggie was always bigger than the other kids growing up and he used football as an outlet. White told Sports Illustrated “Kids used to call me…show more content…
With his wife he built Hope Place, a shelter in Tennessee for unwed mothers in need. Together they also founded the Alpha & Omegas Ministry to support a community development bank in Knoxville. In addition to this work, White did missionary work with teenaged gang members, abused children, and young women looking for other options to abortion. He also tithed a large portion of his NFL income to several Baptist churches. He is quoted and saying “I am trying to build up black people’s morale, self-confidence and self-reliance to show them that the Jesus I’m talking about is real”. (Ebony) In the Philadelphia Daily News, he concluded: “The Bible says, ‘Faith without works is dead.’ That is just another way of saying: Put your money where your mouth is”. Reggie White life came to an end on December 26, 2004. During his time with us he earned great with fame and glory. But most importantly he had a deep personal relationship with the Lord. It is because of this relationship, and the fact that he was not ashamed to share it, that he was able to make a difference on and off the football

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