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Candidate Name: | Catherine Wilkie | Date: | 20/5/14 | This piece of work is: reflective account | Performance criteria | Knowledge & Understanding | Throughout this reflective account I have referred to the individual I have been working with whilst working with the care home as Mrs A.NCS Care homes for older people 10.2 “Staff call you by your preferred name or title at all times” I have not used their real name as to protect her identity and to maintain confidentiality within government legislation and organizational policy and procedures. This includes the company's policy which states “Annonymised information may be used for teaching and research purposes. If personal information is to be disclosed,…show more content…
Recently Mrs A mobility needs have changed due to her Arthritis which has developed more causing pain in her legs, arms and hands. Mrs A Dementia has also deteriorated as she will now very often be sleeping and conversations have become less, Mrs A can answer questions if asked but does not generally initiate conversations like she used to. Due to the deterioration of Mrs A health needs the doctor examined Mrs A and a Palliative care plan was put into place with the agreement of Mrs A and her family, NCS Care homes for older people 17.2 “You know that the staff will explain, justify and record any limits on your independence in your personal plan and know that these will be reviewed regularly” you can relate to the National care standards here for involved in her care needs. The palliative care plan and risk assessments now consist of Mrs A needs to have 2 carers to assist her in most daily activities of her daily living such as attending to her personal hygiene, supporting Mrs A with her daily meals and supporting her with her mobility NCS Care homes for older people 13.9 “ You must be able to eat and enjoy your food. If you need any help to do so (for example, a liquidised diet, adapted cutlery or crockery,

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