Essay On Rathfriland Conspiracy

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The Rathfriland Conspiracy of 1920 This assignment will be fundamentally based on the Rathfriland conspiracy. I will make specific illusion into the development and the outcome the conspiracy had and still has on our society, politically, socially and emotionally. The Rathfriland conspiracy began on the 1st of November 1819 also known as All Saints Day. Men were returning home form the cairnbawn races in Newry, after a day out at the races. As they went along the route home, many people engaged in conversations, others turned off roads to reach their destinations, many tired from their long tedious journey causing them to have breaks and rests. Therefore it was difficult to say how many people would have made the long journey home.…show more content…
Then again, Hollingsworth was regarded and considered to be of a high standing character. The fact that these two men were together led to the conclusion that some type of plan was being conspired within the Rathfriland Community at the time. Allegations against Duncan in the past was a history of bad slander and brawls against Catholics in the area. Residents from the area believed that Duncan met his death by some Catholic “down and out” with high morals that actually did the deed. The Catholic’s of the area condemned Duncan’s murder. The discrepancy over the time and date of his death was so much so, it was to deter and undermine and alibi’s generated for the defence. The court claimed the murder took place on the 2nd November, however, John Meaney a witness for the prosecution, claimed Duncan was taken to Rathfriland 1st November at approximately 7pm and died at approximately 10pm that evening. The case brought forward to the crown was not only confusing but bewildering and was merely pure fabrication of complied tales in order to make arrests possible, the date would undermine the defence’s arguments and alibis for any defendants. It was impossible for the murder to have taken place any other day but never the less it was extended to the 2nd
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