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Do you like rap music do you like pop do you like country music well what I will be talking about in this paper is country music impact some people as well as rock and pop but I will be talking about why I think that these three categories are the best music categories in my opinion well for the start music has been here for ages and I just wanted to show people why I like these three categories so starting off the first category talking about is rap music rap music is a very broad category because it is so many types of rap is general wrap it is trapper Ave we had deep rappers we all these different types of rappers so its kinda hard to put one category because I saw many types of rappers and they all got different specialties so wrap it's…show more content…
now pop music this category is number 3 just because pop music and general just makes you want to dance it makes you want to go party put your hands up wave your hands around show everybody that you are something against people self esteem and it raises your self esteem every time that you had at pops on come on it makes you feel better about yourself you will never really hear a pop song that is downgraded somebody or dad is trying to bully or torment somebody that's why I love pop music just because is yes so loving and peaceful in general you can I find nothing like that inside of any other type of music really like in my opinion that's just my opinion but I may be wrong but I'm just saying what I think is right it's all about love and joy and happiness and having fun country music rap music and all of those Macy Justin Bieber he's always positive his songs about love he has never made a song talking about like murder or her somebody it's always so loving and kind that's why and yes a good general just because of how to flow with the words and a beat go together so swell day that makes you want to think more deeply about who made this who created pop and why have I just re listening to it right now and that's why I think that music should be in the top three categories of music overall okay now I know that a lot of people may have their ups and downs and they may not agree with my opinion but I am name my three best categories on my three favorite categories on my top categories
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