Essay On Radical Reconstruction

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3. Discuss Radical Reconstruction – what was it and how was it to be implemented. Explain the mechanics of the program, and evaluate its success in “reconstructing” the South as Northerners wanted it to be The reconstruction that was processed under Johnson’s plan continued until Congress reconvened in December 1865. The Congress refused to seat the representatives of the “restored” states and created a new Joint Committee on Reconstruction to frame a Reconstruction policy of its own. The radicals came out from the split Republicans led by Thaddeus Stevens urging harsh punishment for Southern leaders while on the debate over how the South should be handled. Radicals Reconstruction started with the formation of the Black Codes. State legislatures throughout the South began to pass Black Codes that were designed to give blacks an inferior…show more content…
Under the plan, Tennessee was readmitted because it approved the 14th Amendment and the South was divided into five military districts. Also, a military commander was in charge of each district and was to register all qualified voter. Voters were then to elect a convention that would write a new state constitution; these constitutions had to provide for black suffrage. Once this constitution was written, new state governments could be elected and Congress had to approve each of the Constitutions and each had to ratify the 14th Amendment. The 15th Amendment was also added as an additional requirement for the three states- this amendment forbade states to deny suffrage based on race, color or previous servitude. Congress also passed additional acts to stop interference with their plan such as Tenure of Office Act of 1867 and Command of the Army Act of 1867. Fearing the power of the Radicals in Congress, the Supreme Court refused to accept any cases dealing with the South during
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