Essay On Racial Profiling In America

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Racial Profiling In America Have you ever wondered why certain people get off of a crime, but when someone of another race does it, they are given a very harsh sentence? Most typical among Caucasians and African Americans, racial profiling originated in the 1600s and is still going on today. However, this type of injustice does not only go on between African Americans and Caucasians, but many other races. Hispanics are a big part of this; not as the suspect, but as the victim. Our country is the most powerful country in the world and we cannot get along as a people. So, why have all of these bills, amendments, the constitution, and declaration of independence if our government is going to be biased? Honestly, there is no use for a free country if the government is going to make biased decisions. A perfect example is the final decision of Ethan Couch’s court case. He is a 16 year old Caucasian male who was a drunk driver; he killed four people and injured two. In addition to the injuries and murder, the impact of his truck hitting a parked vehicle caused the parked vehicle to slide into another vehicle headed in the opposite direction. Ethan Couch also caused the two teens that were in the back of his pick-up truck to be thrown out. The effects of that: one teen will never be able to move or talk again, and the second person suffered internal injuries and broken bones. “Earlier on the night of the accident, June 15, Couch and some…show more content…
We have to make our government respect our culture. We have to make our government respect our rights, something that they gave to us. We have to make our government respect who we are. We have to make our government earn our respect. Because if we do not, there will never be slavery again, but history will eventually repeat itself. Therefore, racial profiling will get worse; with that being said, we have to speak up as a people and stop backing down from the

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