Essay On Race And Racial Ideologies

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The concept of “race” and “racial ideologies have been a big issue throughout history in the U.S. Race has been diverse, where the whites and blacks have been separated in society. The Caucasian had land, house, and money living the good life, while the black people had to work as slaves for the plantation owners. They had nothing meaning not even their freedom. Racial ideology is a person’s fixed belief on a certain race whether it is good or bad. Racial ideologies are probably most common in Caucasian people towards black people. I say this because Caucasians look at black as terrible, that they automatically going to do something bad to you. Race and racial ideology has been used throughout U.S. history more then we think. It mostly started when Africans were brought to America as slaves to the plantation owners. The Caucasians thought that since they live in a 3rd world…show more content…
This is meant that certain scientist classified people by skin color or geographical origin. For example, the Europeans were white-skinned because they are gentle character and intensive mind or the Africanus were black-skinned because they had relaxed and negligent character. This showed that scientist even gave a scientific theory to racism. Prior, historical use of “race” have affected people today by having older generations teaching newer generations about other races whether it is good or bad. For instance, black people are known to be bad, have no education and possibly steal from or hurt other people. Caucasian are known to be very wealthy and be higher in the class society. Race and racial ideology has shown that black and white people separated in history, as well as today. Now the question that we are left with is when will this separation ever end? We may never know because newer generation will always be taught from the older generation about other
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