Essay On Prostitution In Canada

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Prostitution is a growing issue which has caused controversy cross-culturally and historically and which has many individuals re-examining the logistics of it. Theoretically prostitution is legal in Canada but the practice of it is not. The criminal code prohibits all forms of communication publically for the purpose of prostitution, and also most forms of indoor prostitution such as running, transporting or occupying bawdy house, procuring or living on the avails of prostitution. Most Canadians think of prostitution as only on the street but however only about 20% is estimated to account for street prostitution. The commercial sex industry in Canada also includes massage parlours, escort services and strip clubs. Although there are many types of prostitution, much of Canadian prostitution- related law enforcement has been targeted at street prostitution rather than escort agencies. Several western countries have legalized all aspects of prostitution; Canada on the other hand…show more content…
It would increase governmental revenue. Legalizing prostitution is economically profitable for governments in need of resources. The anti-prostitution laws which are intended to help the prostitutes and society instead force prostitution underground and without these laws prostitution could become a clean and safe occupation. Present day prostitution laws are unconstitutional and should be abolished because of their unconstitutional nature. Prostitution and prostitutes are issues that few individuals have taken the time to fully understand, and so the issues are misunderstood and their voices go unheard. Some issues, like prostitution, have been around for thousands of years and will never go away, so it is for this reason that, as Barbara Walter said, "Prostitution is a world that is here to stay, like it or not it is time to make the best of

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