Essay On Pros And Cons Of Cloud Computing

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Pros (Advantages) Reduced Support and Hardware Needs : Cloud computing allows buying only the services needed, when it is necessary, cutting the upfront capital costs of computers and peripherals. Equipments going out of date and other familiar IT problems like ensuring system security and reliability can be avoided. It's scalable that is we can quickly build, deploy and manage applications and users. Has ability to build and expand within minutes. Anywhere, Any Time Collaboration : Software as a service can act as a great simplifier for many organizations. Minimal downtime, dependable uptime. No in-house IT crisis management. No need to go into office, work anywhere and at anytime. Employees can sync up and work wherever they are. Resources…show more content…
A sudden change in service might not be too detrimental. Software: If any manipulation of files are to be done locally through multiple devices, then we need to download the service on all devices. Medical records : Exchange of information could be slowed down depending on the bandwidth connection. Hackers could attack the system so that risk of losing data and integrity of the data. Many people can access the data so that privacy of patients cannot maintain. Conclusion Cloud computing is a quickly changing area that will undoubtedly continue to play an increasingly major role for nonprofits, charities, and libraries as well as their IT systems. But which elements of IT infrastructure should move into the cloud — and when — will vary a lot from organization to organization. And more cloud tools are being developed all the time. So, while cloud computing is really great and already using it, either for business or for personal means, here’s what we’ve learned from taking a look at the pros and cons: • Cloud computing is a really cheap way for companies to have all the resources they need in once

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