Essay On Prohibition In The 1920's

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Prohibition in the 1920’s Prohibition took place because of The Volstead Act which was passed on October 28th 1919. The Volstead Act implied that any beverage that was over 0.5% alcohol by volume was illegal. The Volstead Act also indicated that the ownership of any item designed to manufacture liquor was illegal. This act created particular fines and jail sentences for violating prohibition (Feldman, “Prohibition: It Economic and Industrial Aspects”). The ratification of the 18th amendment in the U.S Constitution was officially passed January 16th of 1920 and went into effect on January 17th of 1920. Prohibition was a significant time period in American history. During this time all manufacturing, sales, and transportation of alcohol was…show more content…
Many people, including average citizens, rebelled against this outlaw of liquor. Because the consumption of alcohol was illegal, people that were going against prohibition had to find clever ways to obtain their liquor. Some men and women often attached flasks filled with bootlegged alcohol to their legs or hips. In almost every community there was a speakeasy somewhere. People attended speakeasies to secretly buy and sell alcohol. Bootleggers and rumrunners were expected to keep these places stocked with liquor. Speakeasies were places you could go to have a good time and let loose. Jazz blossomed in this era, and speakeasies provided a location for jazz musicians to perform and have a great time. Many jazz musicians used speakeasies to get noticed. These places are referred to as speakeasies because bartenders would tell their patrons to “speak easy” so they would not raise suspicion. As the years of prohibition progressed, speakeasies became much more popular. Speakeasies continued to flourish despite the raids and arrests made by the law enforcement. Speakeasy operators began bribing the police to let them go without any violations. Some police could even be bribed to give notice in advance if there were any raids to be expected. Not only did the prohibition of alcohol corrupt average citizens, but it also corrupted some law

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