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Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings Question Booklet Task A – Short Answer Questions Ai Effective communication and the ability to understand others and to make ourselves understood is vital in providing high quality care in adult social care settings. Good communication helps everyone understand what others see, hear and feel. People can share their wishes and needs (emotional and physical), cares and preferences. Communication is important in socializing, building up and keeping relationships and friendships with others. People communicate to share opinions, knowledge, information, and to give instructions. This means that data, ideas and possibilities can be explored and passed on. Communication, verbal…show more content…
In a care setting I have found that this means service users feel able to voice their concerns and express their needs to me. I have also found effective communication will often have a very positive effect on a resident’s selfesteem and confidence, which in turn will result in the resident retaining their dignity and becoming more independent. In this way equality, empathy and shared information is promoted. Poor communication will discourage support and trust, between myself and my colleagues and between service users and service suppliers. It will create situations where people are not treated equally and will leave residents feeling lonely, isolated and very unhappy, that they are ‘invisible’ and that their opinions count for nothing. They might even feel a nuisance and lose all confidence in themselves and their ability to make decisions or choices, which could impact on their level of independence e.g. low confidence might mean that a resident will give up on helping themselves. My role is to offer active support and doing this includes offering a smile, showing that I listen and understand, and offering encouragement, either verbally or with body language etc. when

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