Essay On Present And Memories In Thomas King's Medicine River

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Flashbacks into the past may occur often in a person’s life when something happens in the preset which relates to an experience in the past. Throughout Thomas King’s Medicine River, he describes the main character Will’s memoirs which have something to do with what happens to Will in the story. Having a clear view of the relation between Will’s present and memories helps understand his feelings and actions. Experiences and memories along with either a positive or negative interpretation of them will effect and shape the way a person behaves and thinks. The story begins with Harlen, informing Will that he will be a part of the local basketball team. At this point Will remembers when his mother used to encourage him saying “Every person born…show more content…
Due to immense physical and maybe mental torture January murdered her husband. It is shown that January wrote a letter on behalf of Jake to make it seem as though he repented and was sorry for his wrongdoings (46). She may have written this to justify his actions in a way. At this point Will’s memory shot back to the past, yet again, to his childhood in Calgary. Mrs. Oswald always seemed to have a secret past that she never mentioned at any cost to anyone. However, Lena, Mrs. Oswald’s daughter had told Will that her mother was hiding from her father because he nearly beat her to death (45). It was proved later on that this was true when Lena’s father was found drinking coffee in the Oswald’s kitchen while “there was blood all over” and “Mrs. Oswald was on the floor in the living room” (47). Like January, Mrs. Oswald also tried to hiding and justifying the truth by labeling her cuts and bruises as the results of an ‘accident’ (47). For Will to have known the truth in the past with Lena’s mother and again now in Jake’s case and to witness it being publicly undermined may have been the reason he did not speak up. Both experiences could have made Will feel that running from the truth or justifying ones wrongdoings was
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